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Road Head: Distracted Driving PSA (Parody)


We all know that distracted driving is dangerous, but some distractions are deadlier than others. Receiving a blowjob behind the wheel can take your eyes off the road for an average of three minutes – five if you’ve been drinking. … Continue reading

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The MHL – Featured Motionmakers on Dailymotion.com!


We’ve just been informed by our friends at Dailymotion.com that our video “I’m an MMA Fan” will be featured as a Motionmaker for the next week on the Dailymotion home page! According to the Dailymotion Blog, the Motionmaker program is a “special initiative to uncover … Continue reading

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I’m an MMA Fan (UFC Parody)


Being a hardcore MMA fan takes real dedication: cranking out endless bicep curls, pounding countless energy drinks, keeping a closet full of Afflication shirts bedazzled – it’s no joke. Join your boys Boom Boom and Houdini as they drop some … Continue reading

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