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Cox Talks: Calls out Fox on MMA Meltdown

Call her crude, crazy, or even cocksure, but one thing you can’t call transgender MMA sensation Cari Cox is a coward.

The self-proclaimed “Transsexual Terror” dropped by MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency last week, and she wasn’t shy about sharing her opinions on a number of hot-button topics in the world of mixed martial arts.

Referring to Matt Mitrione as a “goofball”, Cox offered a very different take on the UFC heavyweight’s recent inflammatory comments regarding transgender fighters. “(Mitrione’s) just jealous he didn’t come up with this plan first,” Cox declared, proposing that Mitrione would have been more successful had he “put on the size 13 heels” and fought women as opposed to “getting knocked out by fat guys”.

While Cox admitted to being physically attracted to current UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey, she was quick to confirm that the champ was definitely still on her hit list. “I ain’t into breaking hearts, Gabe: I’m into breaking jaws,” Cox noted, assuring viewers that she would still pummel the current women’s champ “without mercy.”

UFC President Dana White’s unwillingness to allow transgender fighters to compete on The Ultimate Fighter 18 (where Rousey is a coach) also drew Cox’s ire. Repeatedly referring to White as “Dana Yellow” and expressing a desire to “leave some handprints on his flabby bald ass,” Cox made her feelings regarding the UFC President abundantly clear.

When the discussion turned towards the recent Fallon Fox controversy, Cox again made no attempt to tuck the issue. After thanking Fox for opening the door for fellow transgender athletes, the proverbial scalpel came out as Cox appeared determined to take an inch or two off of the “Queen of Swords”:

“Once the wiener comes off: it’s on,” proclaimed Cox, glaring into the camera with a look that was equal parts Chris Brown and Cristiane Santos. “I’m talking Fox-Cox 2013. I’ll beat her so bad she’ll wanna sew her dick back on just so I’ll stop hittin’ her.”

While the Fox camp has yet to respond to the challenge, Cox’s performance on MMA Meltdown left little doubt as to who she feels should be Fox’s next opponent. When asked by Morency to explain why she feels she has the edge on Fox, Cox noticeably stiffened:

“Because I’m leaner, I’m meaner, and I’m keeping my wiener.”

You can watch the whole interview here, and be sure to check out MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency on The Fight Network on Thursdays at 1:00AM.

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