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Go Jack to School with The MHL!


Here at The MHL, nothing gets us quite as worked up as the start of another school year. Keg parties, yoga pants, indecent exposure charges…a restraining order couldn’t keep us away!

If you’re anything like us, you spent the night before the first day of school tossing and turning in your race car bed – a flurry of questions whirling through your brain:

Will there be any hot chicks in my class?

Will my new science teacher be a dick?

Does my trenchcoat blend into the bushes in front of the local junior high school?

Thankfully we have just the thing to take a load off your mind and send you back to school with a bang: our new #jacktoschool video series!

Throughout the month of September we’ll be churning out a full curriculum of Kojak-choking, schoolyard-stroking video goodness to help you get ready to hit the books once again.

Whether you’re heading back to school this Fall or just lurking around one, you can count on a new hot load of hilarity being delivered fresh each week – no carpal tunnel required.

So dim the lights, pull up a chair, and tuck yourself into your favorite tube sock, because The MHL is taking you JACK TO SCHOOL!

DISCLAIMER: The Mexican Hockey League does not condone public masturbation within 500 meters of schoolyards, playgrounds, wading pools, or any other public place frequented by individuals under the age of 18 while wearing a luchadore mask.

Seriously: that would just be weird.

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