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UFC Champion Ronda Rousey – MHL fan?

We weren’t sure what women MMA fighters were going to think about our latest video – which was rather disconcerting, considering that we’re talking about a group of women who could beat us senseless without breaking a nail.

You can imagine our relief when we woke up this morning and saw that UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey not only liked “TUF 18 Audition – Cari Cox”, but she had tweeted about it and posted it to her Facebook page!

Traffic for the video has gone through the roof since Ronda’s push, with a lot of discussion happening around the video on Ronda’s Facebook page. While we’re not going to comment on the relative quality of the “debate”, a little controversy certainly never hurts!

Ronda’s been under a bit of scrutiny lately for comments she’s made regarding transgender fighters in MMA, but we personally appreciate the Rowdy One’s twisted sense of humour and will be rooting for her on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. Now if only she’d pull some strings and get Cari on the show…

In other news, Ronda’s got herself a pretty sweet new Web page, so if you’re looking for the goods on the reigning women’s champ be sure to check out

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